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Skippko’s mission is to use the arts to transform lives.

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Skippko runs innovative and exciting visual arts projects. We use creativity to develop individuals, groups and communities.

Skippko believes in:
Creativity – Empowerment – Diversity – Achievement – Opportunity – Inclusivity – Aspiration – Challenge – Flexibility – Potential – Community – Sharing – Respect – Adaptability – People
….and Fun!

What makes Skippko different?

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1. The ‘Skippko Process’

2. The range of people we work with

3. Skippko’s experience

4. Skippko works inside communities, and is linked into what’s happening locally

5. Skippko enables people to make their own decisions

6. Skippko brings people together from different communities and parts of the city

7. Skippko is adaptable, flexible and responsive

8. Skippko projects are transformational

9. The high quality of the artwork created on Skippko projects

10.Skippko’s commitment to collaboration and partnership working

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