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Skippko Project - A Nice Cup of Tea!

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In their words:

“I never felt as though I could fit into a group, people I didn’t know, as well as I have, and I’ve learnt a lot of new skills that I would have never tried if I hadn’t come to this”

A project for older people, all about tea!

Three groups of older people met over 15 weeks to create artwork about ‘Tea’, with all its meanings.

The artworks were all devised and developed by the group members themselves, supported by Skippko artists. Participants looked at the theme, and were supported to try out a range of artistic techniques. Some groups had tea tasting sessions, and some brought in special tea-related items from home. Ideas for the final artwork came about through discussion and negotiation.

The project included trips to local galleries and museums for inspiration, and culminated in a celebratory event and exhibition/installation, bringing the groups together and taking their work to a wider public.

A final event was held in a central venue in Leeds, where all the artwork was exhibited, and the groups came together to decorate cake stands, to share their experiences of the project, to collect certificates of attendance and to have tea and cakes! The event was catered by the Marvellous Tea Dance Company, with handmade cakes chosen by the group members.

The project was funded by the Baring Foundation. Skippko was one of just 17 organisations across the UK who were awarded this money.