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Skippko Project - All You Need Is Love

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“I didn’t realize what I was capable of doing and producing, with help and support from each other. Art was my worst subject at school and I absolutely loathed it. It makes me feel good now.”

Osmondthorpe Disabled Women’s Group worked with Skippko to create a group piece of work inspired by and relating to Leeds Museums’ collections about ‘love’.

The group tried a range of artistic techniques to see which were they interested in and which most suited their needs. These included felt making, print making, collage, embossing, stencilling, sewing and fabric painting.

Staff from the Discovery Centre brought a range of artefacts related to ‘love’. The group were inspired by the objects, cards and letters and used some of them in their group piece.

Group members worked together to help each other during the activities, especially where support was needed with holding materials and trying things in different ways to make sure that everyone could equally participate. The project was a great group effort in this way and members’ physical needs were not seen as a barrier to involvement.

Several of the group members reported that they had done things they hadn’t thought were possible! Some took photographs home to show family members and even their medical consultant examples of their achievements.