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Skippko Project - Angles of View

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“I think you’ve introduced people to creative photography the right way, by opening their eyes and telling them to keep them open.”


The Angles of View project was a new adventure for Skippko using traditional photography and other artwork inspired by photography and photographs. The project was aimed at Carers, working in partnership with Carers Leeds.

Sessions took place with existing Carers groups across the city, as well as a new central group being formed who met regularly in the City centre.

During sessions, participants had access to a wide range of photography-related arts activity, including making photograms, traditional 35mm photography (plus darkroom), using light and shadow to create images and making lanterns. They were supported to take, develop and manipulate their own photographs, and to use existing photos as a starting point for creating further artwork in other visual media, such as collage or weaving.

Two trips to The National Media Museum in Bradford enabled participants to learn about and engage with photography as an art form, to learn to assess artistic quality and to develop critiques on how the photographers have tried to convey their messages.

Trips to the Hepworth Wakefield, Leeds Town Hall and Leeds Industrial Museum provided opportunities for participants to look at each venue in a different way, and to take their own photographs with a different focus each time.

Additionally, a selection of the completed work from Angles of View was carefully curated by the lead project artist and Skippko’s Director into an exhibition at the National Media Museum in Bradford. This was an incredible achievement for all involved: after all, how many photographers can say that their work was on display in a place of international significance in the world of photography? We also have a beautiful book showcasing work across the project. Contact us if you would like more details on how to purchase the book.

This project was supported using public funding by Arts Council England and a grant from the Charles Brotherton Trust.

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