Both our online participants and our group meeting at Hollybush Conservation Centre have been exploring leaves, trees and tree spirits this week, with some wonderful artwork being produced!

Here’s a selection of leaf prints, embossed foils and tree spirits exploring the natural world.. plus a poem created together after tasting Acorn Coffee…


Acorn Coffee

A rich, brown powder

Dark as henna

Turns to pond-sludge in the cup

When mixed with boiling water


Caffeine free and calcium rich

Brimming with magnesium

This drink smells of cinnamon biscuits and gingerbread parkin on Bonfire Night

It savours sweetly of Hot Cross buns – the scent of the kitchen when making and baking

Some of us could sit here, sniffing it all morning –

But does it taste as good as it smells?


The first sip is somewhat sour – fruity and citrussy

Bitter spice and bitter fruit

This is a demanding drink

Add some milk and add some honey and some may find it “calming”

Persevere and it may cure a migraine

Perhaps a useful substitute for coffee and co-codamol

If only the flavour was a little less alarming