During the past two years we’ve been welcomed into people’s homes across Leeds and beyond, through a range of creative projects, including some online sessions and sending out a wide range of art packs and ideas.  Below is a small selection of images and feedback from three of the projects; ‘Shutter Stories’, ‘Windows across Leeds’ and ‘A New Leaf’.

As we adjust to a peri-covid world – a term we’re using to describe a world surrounded by covid, we’re developing a new programme of work we’re calling ‘Home from Home’.

‘Home from Home’ will continue the provision of ‘in your own home’ project work, as well as inviting people back into the Skippko ‘home’ to explore a wide range of creative activities, develop skills, improve mental wellbeing and reduce isolation.

Shutter Stories

“It’s been great to keep in touch with other people, during what has been a stressful time during lockdown, with different restrictions. I’ve looked forward to each meeting, seeing old & new friends. The photo challenges have given me something to focus on, apart from the pandemic, and not being able to meet family & friends in person.”

“It was great to have something creative to do during lockdown that could alleviate the tensions and worries that come with living through a pandemic. It was very helpful to feel part of the community created by being part of the Shutter Stories group during this very isolating time.”

Windows across Leeds

“On a personal level, I found participating in the project a joyous event. It was the first time my family have done remote art and craft work together during Lockdown and really gave us something happy to focus on together (and a bit of joint mindfulness). We had 3 zoom sessions on this – and practiced with lots of different designs, whilst sharing a cup of tea and a biscuit across the internet!”

“My Dad is 82, has a long-term health condition thus shielding religiously, and as a result was so, so appreciative of being part of the project. He’s been really struggling in the dark evenings and the project has been a lovely family thing for us to take part in and given him something new to focus on in those dark evenings. We are looking forward to all getting through this pandemic in one piece and being able to attend to see the exhibit in person.”

A New Leaf

“Amazing experience to work and learn with the Leeds Museums curators and Skippko.  Every session was inspirational and educational.  The Facebook group was key in bringing group members together and the whole experience gave me enormous confidence to start creating again and share my work with others – taking ideas from each other and opening up communication with people again, thank you!”

“Thank you for delivering my pack yesterday. I love it!”

“The pandemic has meant that I have had very little work or contact with people and I spend most days on my own as my husband has not stopped going to work throughout. It’s just great to be part of something that’s just for me but also part of something bigger. I feel like I have been given permission to play and have fun with the pack instead of stress about not having work, getting work, being on my own all day, blah blah all the other pandemic related stuff.”

“I feel really proud of the fact that I stuck to my aim of doing one piece of art a day. It really helped my motivation and my mental wellbeing as it gave me a focus each day.”