Skippko’s Community Research Team started life in February 2020 following sessions at the Local and Family History Library during ‘Women Reflecting on Women’ project.

We were so impressed by the enthusiasm of participants and the range of materials they unearthed during our ‘Women Reflecting on Women’ project, that we continued the group thanks to the support of Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society.

During 21/22 participants have been supporting our ‘In the Waiting Room’ project, by researching and finding amazing facts and figures relating to the NHS.  Below is a small selection of some of the findings, more will be revealed at our ‘In the Waiting Room’ exhibited performance in June 2022.


Until February 2020 the 1918 epidemic was largely overlooked in the teaching of American history.

Although looking back the pictures they look quaint and dated, what lessons can be learned!

The virus infected roughly 500 million people one third of the worlds populations, and caused 50 million deaths. Double the amount of people that died from WW1.

In America 675,000 died, because no vaccine existed, people were advised to quarantine, practice good personal hygiene, and limit social interaction!!!

In 1918 influenza pandemic, also known as Spanish Flu, was one of the deadliest events in human history.

While powers and central powers raged on in Europe. This disease knew no boundaries (no borders) conservative estimates report 30 million from cities to remote regions.

Due to lack of records, estimates, anywhere between 30 -100 million deaths.

Telegrams were received from many military camps stating how it had spread, to their men, families and government officials.

Spanish Flu did NOT start in Spain.

The first outbreak unknown, but 1st observed in USA, infected 500 million people.

Kansas 1st reported it in March 1918, then in April, France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

2 years later 500 million had been infected.

No matter what the number was, this has been the worst pandemic in human history.

Spanish Flu is a misnomer, because of wartime censors, countries were not allowed to print about it.

Because Spain was neutral it printed all the news, so people believed it had come from Spain.

This virus killed young and old, but the pandemic had high mortality for young adults.


Hysterectomy – from £7164, NHS FREE

x-ray – from £101, NHS FREE

Fracture – from £3440, NHS FREE

Hip replacement – from £5620, NHS FREE

CT scan – from £400, NHS FREE

Consultant – From £150, NHS FREE

Liver biopsy – From £500, NHS FREE

Vasectomy – from £480, NHS FREE

Private midwife – £2000 – £5000, NHS FREE

Manual wheelchair – £150, NHS FREE

False leg – £6000 – £12000, NHS FREE

Hernia Repair – £1990 – £3730, NHS FREE

Bowel – partial removal – £300, NHS FREE

MRI -standard – £300, NHS FREE

Laproscopy – £2120, NHS FREE

Lateral Flow tests FREE until April 22!