Skippko ‘pop ups’ across a range of Museum and Gallery venues.

Wax resist at Leeds Art Gallery exploring the themes in Suzanne Lacy’s film ‘Whisper, the Waves, the Wind’ showing the conversations of 154 older women about their lives, their relationships, hopes and fears.

Creative lanterns inspired by the Chinese room patterns, textures and artefacts at Temple Newsam.

‘It was interesting finding out more about the house. It was relaxing making the lanterns and seeing the colours and the patterns that the light threw when the lanterns were lit.’

‘Great, brought the house ‘alive’ as a home not a museum! Friendly art session for the beginner (80 yrs old!) Lovely day out.’

‘Queens of Industry’ exhibition at Armley Mills, celebrating the untold histories of the working class women elected to represent some of Britain’s greatest industries, from coal to cotton.

Taking inspiration from the exhibition, participants printed their own ‘Queen of…’ letterpress crowns, and made prints using traditional intaglio drypoint methods.

‘Fabulous session – great venue and learnt a lot. Inspiring exhibition and session.  Friendly women and knowledgeable.’

Participants created a wall of slogans, sayings and stories using printing and embossing techniques after exploring ‘A Woman’s Place’ exhibition, looking at the struggles and progress of women in achieving equality and recognition from 1860 to the present day.

‘Skippko empower a variety of people (including vulnerable people) and enable them to get involved in the arts – they draw on people’s strengths and let people know their worth. Thanks for a lovely afternoon.’