I am a mixed media artist and my work often incorporates elements of existing imagery,  found objects and discarded materials.

Colour is of great importance to me and I use a bold palette of wet materials that can include household, industrial and artist’s paints along with dyes and inks.  I have a particular interest in participatory projects that tackle local social issues.  I am passionate about the positive impact that creativity can have in everyone’s lives and am driven to get as many people engaged in creativity and the arts as possible. The majority of my work is mixed media

My socially engaged practice is project based and my portfolio includes projects that I have written and led funding bids for as well as partnership work with various local and national arts organisations as a freelancer. I often work with very vulnerable participants who need a lot of additional support to ensure that they attend and get the most out of the projects. I find that my experimental, mixed media approach helps to engage those for whom engagement can be more difficult.



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