Here we are at the final brief – seven months since the start of the project. The photos created throughout Shutter Stories have been amazing – It’s been so exciting to see every photo add to the building of a fantastic body of work!

For the final brief artists Sally and Nicki asked everyone to ‘Create three photographs that tell a story’.

Here is the groups fantastic response to their final brief.




Lifecycle – from the farmer tilling his field, to the crops, and then to the hay bales… this goes on year after year, as it has done for generations. These fields are close to where we live, and they have been an escape for us during the past year. It’s been great for us to observe all this at close quarters on our local walks.


I never remember my mother saying a wrong word about anyone. These monkeys always sat on the fireplace.

This is my mum’s 50+ year plant. I take cuttings and pass on to family and important people in my life. It’s become known as ‘Aunty May’ and I get updates on how she’s doing.




Many Moons Ago – these are the story of a little toy that was a birthday present when I was quite small many moons ago. It has been played with, broken and repaired many times. It was passed on to my nieces when they were young and I rescued it from the rubbish when I was helping my sister move house. Despite being nearly 60 years of age it is still here against all the odds. It is a story of survival.

Jo C



Birds in action


The Story of my Yorkshire Lass 60km Bicycle Ride

Photo 1 – ‘Commencing the Yorkshire Lass 60km bike ride challenge’

Photo 2 – ‘Stopping for the view’

Photo 3 – ‘A sense of achievement’

‘All your 3 photos have great composition and your focus is lovely and sharp. We love the reflection of the road ahead in your sunglasses. The view looking at that big hill to climb! Ending with the pride of your wonderfully shiny medal in your hand.

What a great story and you’ve told it beautifully. You’ve captured the essence and toil of your challenge and the pedal power needed to reach your happy ending at the finish line! Fantastic story Trina – great stuff!’  Sally and Nicki


‘A Walk in the Park’

‘You have noticed and picked up on these powerful messages on your walk and really considered your angle of shot when taking each photograph. Your 3 photographs have such a strong story.

What an amazing end to the brief Valerie!’  Nicki and Sally