Shutter Stories is a photography project working with Carers and Carers Leeds until spring 2021, with Skippko artists Nicki and Sally.

Our first brief is ‘Light and Dark’. Here are some of the fantastic photographs taken by the members and the different ways it is being explored.


“My two favourite pictures in black and white taken with my new camera, I’m going to go back and take them again in colour.”


“I chose artificial light because I don’t get out much these days and the weather is dull.  Studio light was not an option.  I chose objects I had around the house and waited till it was dark, then experimented with the variety of torches I had at hand.”


“The feather draws you into the word light: Light as a feather, and the difference between light and darkness.”

“The eeriness of the tree and crow shows lightness and shadows in the tree, and darkness in the crow.”

Jo C

‘Puddings Rising’ and ‘After the Rain!’  “We love how this photo invokes all the senses… feeling the heat from the oven and smelling the roast cooking, hearing the chattering of the children, watching the puddings rising and then the warm anticipation of the shared family meal to come!” – Sally & Nicki


‘After a heavy thunderstorm’  “The lighting was amazing from very dark all around to the small patches of sunlight”

‘Kirkstall Abbey’


“Both taken in the late afternoon sun, when we had the chance to get outside in the lockdown.”


‘Feather’ & ‘Window’


‘Light Owl & Dark Owl – with and without flash’

“The Owl looms over you as you stand at the gate looking in. You feel you are its prey and it is about to snatch you away.”


‘Bucking Bicycle’  “I had to be quick to capture the bicycle silhouetted against the sky.”

‘The sea the sea’   “A wonderful example of using a very fast shutter speed to ‘freeze the moment’. Your sharp focus on the crashing wave is exquisite – this printed ‘big’ would be a joy to see – the crashing water is frozen in time like sculpted glass. Fantastic shot Heather” – Nicki & Sally


‘A warm wave hello!’ & ‘Bands of light’


Saturday night indoor ‘Star gazing.’  “I don’t get out much these days. Spent a Saturday night lying on the floor at home looking up to the lights. Surprisingly, enjoyable learning how to use my camera and taking the time to look at the lights from a different perspective.”

Sunday morning outdoor ‘Tree gazing.’  “Up bright and early for an autumn walk around Roberts Park, Saltaire.  The trees were beautiful.  Standing underneath this tree and looking up, I loved the contrast of the dark trunk and branches against the autumn leaves and blue sky.”


“Taken quickly on my phone looking at the lovely clouds…it was only later that I discovered how my hatted head in my dark shadow resembled the top of the stone Pinnacle, it lightened my mood and made me laugh!”


“I’ve always loved the dramatic light this time of year especially when it hits the orange of my kitchen wall – so here it is!”

We’re all so impressed at this wonderful response to the group’s first photography brief.  New blogs posts will be appearing as the project develops.