Our time with Shutter Stories has been such a positive and enjoyable experience and we thought it would be perfect for our 3rd and final technical challenge to create an uplifting and joyous photograph that’s full of good feelings!

We asked everyone to create one photograph that uses symbolism to represent and express their feelings about positivity, joy, or celebration.

These are the fantastic photographs showing that response!


Symbol of spring


The beach is my happy place, so I set up my own beach on the garden table, complete with sand, pebbles, shells & seaweed. I even painted a backdrop, with sea & sky!
Hopefully I’ll get to the coast soon for my ‘fix’.

Deborah  ‘We love how you have brought the seaside to you and installed it on your garden table!

Great angle of shot straight onto the beach with knees and toes in that lovely white sand doing a bit of beachcombing, amongst those shells and pebbles. You have captured the texture of that wonderful bit of seaweed perfectly and in sharp detail. A wonderful photograph of your happy place!’   Nicki and Sally

Jo C





The first walk at the seaside this year!


My idea was for the picture to move from darkness to light from left to right with the vaccine offering hope of escape from the darkness of the pandemic represented by the candle. I decided to do hope rather than joy after I spoke to a customer service person at three telecom the other day. He confided in me that he was struggling to keep his mind on his job because he was so worried about his family in India. It brought home to me that we are far from the end of this and many more people will suffer and die. It didn’t feel right to feel joy only hope.


“Joyful Firsts”

Description:  My 1st ever street party, my 1st social interaction during Lockdown 2020 (socially distanced party), my 1st celebration for VE Day, the 1st time I used my precious gift (a vintage cake stand birthday present from my friend), my 1st ‘bargain’ from a charity shop (the table cloth/scarf) – it’s been kept in my drawer for 4 years awaiting a special occasion to come to life”