The Technical Challenge was to create a photographic self-portrait without actually being in it!

We asked everyone to select three or more objects and arrange them into a “Still life”. These significant objects needed to symbolise or represent a different part of themselves. The objects could be to do with work/hobbies/interests/family – each object bringing a separate ingredient that make up the different parts of themselves.

These fantastic self-portraits are the results of Shutters Stories first tasty Technical Challenge…..

Alan – Ready and waiting 

Taken after trying out other compositions (boots left on the floor and the light looked good). Low angle shot. I found this challenge challenging; it is not something that I normally do. Very enjoyable.

Nicki and Sally’s comment…’We loved your story of you putting your boots on the kitchen floor and seeing the low soft light and knowing that there was a photograph opportunity there! Well done Alan, it’s worked out brilliantly! The depth of field is wonderful and the low angle adds drama to your scene.’


My self-portrait covers quite a few areas of lockdown – so this is me in 2020!

The tape measure represents all the face masks I sewed; the map & pine cones are for the outdoors – walking & gardening; the camera lens is usually somewhere in my backpack when we’re out & about! Finally the cement mixer – this is for our grandchildren. We’ve not seen as much of them as we’d like because of lockdown… All set against a background of books – I love reading.

Elaine Not enough hours in the day

Heather – Musical Me

This photo depicts my love of music, travel, and photography.


When I took this photo I was hoping to convey my sense of mystery and wonder about what time actually is. Where does it come from and where does it go? Asking these questions has caused me to read many scientific books on relativity and quantum physics – but I still don’t know the answer!

Jo C

The cat is Suzie my beloved pal, a cat is a therapy friend

Jo J

Sally and Nicki’s comment… We love the angle you’ve taken for your self-portrait Jo and the arrangement of your objects.  It’s a like looking at a slice of cake, starting at the top your lovely pink shoes and we’re looking down through all the layers of the things you hold dear. The gold writing on your photo album is so sharp and in focus, it’s great we only see the first few letters and we complete the rest of the word for ourselves – this works brilliantly!  Such a fabulous photo Jo well done!


I’m proud of my Scottish heritage but pleased to live in Yorkshire. Walking is a big part of my life and I head to the hills whenever my caring responsibilities allow.  Painting, and more recently photography are also very important to me and have helped enormously through this difficult lockdown experience.

Sian – Cymraes

Cymraes is the Welsh word for a welsh woman and my heritage is a really important part of who I am. I love the sea (pebbles and shells), plants and being outdoors. My silver bangles are with me every day as a reminder of important people and times in my life.


This is how I try and keep my mind in one place by doing these Diamond art pictures I do 2-3 hrs a day and 1 picture can take weeks to complete.


Vegan, yogi, tree planter