It’s been a busy term at Under the Canopy including Maypole dancing, cheese rolling, flower pressing, blossom paintings, candles, glass painting, sunflower growing and more!!

And we fitted in a visit to the wonderful Leeds Museums Discovery Centre to look at their Herbarium collection.

Here’s a selection of images and poems….

At the Discovery Centre


Tongue touching


A learned man

John Grimshaw Wilkinson

Tree named by touch

Botanist flying blind

Warm or cold feel

Silent trees Pinus

Oak drums noisily.


Pressed flowers photographed by Lesley


Tennis Songs

Carousel spins

June is … middling cold

Bustin’ out we hear.


W. B. Yeats Day

A song of wandering

Abbey Theatre



We paint our

Honey jars over

With glue acrylic

White then


Slight pressed

Flower blooms

Over topped

With Joy.



Strawberry teas

Sparing and sharing

Stolon extensions

Potted on plants.



Looking at nettle

as food

nettle as textile

rough threads


cleavers joined


into tramlines

a summer sports field



node knocking

stripping threads

of fibre life.


making the longest string of cleavers competition…

Yvonne’s hyacinth

Yvonne on pressing flowers

Press the flowers

Retain the memories

Fading colours

Like fragile moments in our lives

Captured between the pages of the press forever.


photos from Yvonne


Peter’s Hollybush pathway

printing from leaves

and some fabulous maypole dancing

see for more images from this term…