We’ve sent out 30 packs of lovely art materials, cups and saucers for our winter at home project ‘Teacup Tales’.

Matthew put together a quick poem about white tea, based on the tasting notes made during a zoom introduction session.

White Tea

Very pale,

And almost scentless,

The flavour seems to strengthen as it cools.

Quite drinkable without any milk –

It feels like there are no tannins.

Delicate and subtle

But stronger than it looks.

Floral and gently astringent

But not bitter.

It doesn’t dry your mouth like green tea can,

And there is perhaps an undertone of lemon.

My mouth feels sweet after drinking it.

Withered in the sun for forty-eight hours,

To grow in sweetness and build its flavour,

Once dried, the tea can keep for years.

“The first year it’s tea,

The third year it’s medicine,

The seventh year it’s a treasure,”

According to an old Chinese saying.

This is a drink to savour as it changes over time,

It’s flavour only deepening with age.