Under the Canopy group members have each found a tree that they connect with at Hollybush Conservation Centre.  They will visit their trees each session and notice the weekly changes as we move into Spring.

They all enjoyed doing quick tree portraits with charcoal from the firepit and have used carbon paper to transfer their drawings onto watercolour paper.

As usual they’ve enjoyed stories and folklore linked to various trees and have drunk Matthew’s brews such as Pine needle, Hawthorn and Coltsfoot tea!

And from Pat here are some photos of the Hawthorn hedge borders an old route between where she lives, and some farms. Reputedly on the days before the Battle at Marston Moore, Cromwell and his troops passed through it, before drinking The Black Horse Inn in OTLEY dry! The last picture is an old oak tree in the woods near Pat’s. It features in her will and she visits it frequently. It’s around 250 years old!

And some photos from Yvonne, the hyacinth bulbs we planted in week one are starting to grow and more from Hollybush..