We had an inspiring trip to see David Hockney’s ‘Arrival of Spring’ exhibition at Salts Mill.

And here’s our group members fabulous responses to the exhibition, back at Hollybush Conservation Centre

The Arrival of Spring – (Group poem Inspired by David Hockney)

Dots and dashes,

Scribbles, smudges,

Squiggles, patterns,

Blotches, lines and marks.

Spring is here –

Recorded with the confidence of graffiti scrawl.

Each canvas an invitation

To take a walk

Into a world awash with colour –

Warm tones,

And vibrant spring textures.

The composition draws me in.

I can smell the garlic –

Hear the robins and the tractors!

I love the gnarly trees which have seen so much life,

The purple shadows, the frothy cow parsley,

The sky full of blossom,

The greenness that welcomes life anew.

It is peaceful here –

Calming and inspiring.

I feel like I am walking through the countryside into the light.