During our Women Reflecting on Women project we’ve been facilitating pop up sessions across Leeds. These were with Crossgates Good Neigbours, South Leeds Live at Home, Holbeck Together, BASIS Yorkshire, Carers Leeds and Better Action for Families.….

The sessions began thinking about women that have inspired us and had a positive influence and impact on our lives; mothers, grandmothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, teachers and best friends were warmly spoken of. Everyone told of the unique qualities that made their person significant or motivational to them.

Everyone constructed a “still life portrait” of their own cherished woman.

The still lives are a mix of precious photos, artefacts, props, images from magazines and words. Each object was carefully thought about and chosen to symbolise a quality – an ingredient – of each woman.

Once all was in its place the “still lives” were photographed before being dismantled, returning all their parts back to the cupboards, boxes and scrapbooks, leaving behind the photographs – the essence of these special and inspirational women captured.

Participants also created giant pieces of bunting in suffrage colours using letter press blocks. The words printed are a combination of phrases or sayings that people ‘have always remembered’ that have helped them along the way or given them the spur that they needed.  The bunting illustrates common threads, showing the significant and valued part women play in each other’s lives.