Nicki has had over twenty years experience of initiating, coordinating and delivering community photography projects.  She has worked on specific commissions, self- initiated projects and facilitated workshops.

Nicki’s vibrant photographs lead you along a very fine line between humour and tragedy. Her Fine Art background is visible in her unique way of exploring her field of photography. Her excitement sparks at the possibilities of selecting and combining a variety of techniques that enables her cherished subjects to ‘shine brightly’ in her photographs.

Nicki’s studio is at home and that is where all her quirky and wonderful objects live together sharing wall space, shelves and work surfaces. Once she starts working with her subjects she constructs a whole new world for them to inhabit, creating surreal mini landscapes which tell her story of the everyday. Nicki uses both her manual and digital cameras for shoots. She loves the rich tradition of darkroom printing and is now finding herself in the 21st century happily using her lovely digital camera!